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Spiritual Retreat done at Bridges Church in downtown La Crosse a progressive inclusive church for all. Bridges Church offers ways to grow through sharing, praying, learning, serving and giving.


Our first reason for doing spiritual retreats is that Jesus did it. Jesus prayed all night long, Jesus sought solitude for prayer, Jesus prayed before major events.

Many of us have busy, crazy lives, and we barely find time for a quick daily prayer before our days start. Sometimes the best way to find time is to sign up for a special event, like a retreat. Being with other people can help us take time to unplug and unwind and connect with God.

We want to build bridges, and retreats are a great way to build a bridge both to God and to other people on the journey.

Jesus may have gone to desolate places, but we will use our building, with a coffee machine, sofas, and cushions for meditation. It is a 'space apart' where we can be comfortable as we move into a new connection with the sacred and divine in our lives.



If you have never been on a spiritual retreat, the idea of four to eight hours of 'prayer & meditation' may sound crazy and impossible.

Our retreats are a curated collection of activities to connect with God and a spiritual community. Think of it as a Pinterest page of ideas and experiences. Some activities are quiet, some are talking, some use our hands and feet, some are still. Men & women are welcome, and ages 16 and up. Click for video preview.


Walking Labryinth

Doodles with ZenTangles

Lectio Divina meditation on Bible verses


Worship with water prayers, including walk to river

Silent meditation

Drawing & Clay expression

Conversation sharing thoughts & experiences

Jesus would withdraw to desolate places and pray.
Luke 5:16
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