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Messy Church

Science • Spirit • Art • Movement

Messy Church has been suspended at this time due to Covid challenges. Let us know with our Contact form below if you are interested in getting involved with Messy Church when we start activities again.


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Prayer Station

Messy 5 web.jpg

God-At-Work Science

Messy May 2 web.jpg

God as a Lion


Making Bubbles

Messy July 2 web.jpg

Meal Time


Long Paper

messy feb 1 web.jpg

Telling Esther's Story

Fish Cookies

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Messy May 3 web.jpg

Prophet Amos Game

messy april 3 web.jpg

Weaving Cross

Messy april 1 web.jpg

Crawling the Web of Love

Messy Fruit web.jpg

Firework Fruit Sticks


Loaves & Fishes Necklace

Messy July 4 web.jpg

A Little Makes a Lot

messy feb 3 web.jpg

Making Noise Makers

messy feb 2 web.jpg

God's Love Keeps Expanding

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