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Learn in Community

1 • Explore

As we start our spiritual journeys, we are like infants - curious and exploring everything we see. 

As you start to intentional build your spiritual life, we start with short and sweet opportunities to grow.

First Step Class - 90 minutes with pastor to talk about your journey, basic information about Bridges Church, and tour the building.

2 • Build

Our next step in spiritual growth is like being a child - we do well in classes as we learn basic skills and meet new people. 

Building Blocks - 4 one-hour sessions to talk about God, Bible, Church & Methodists.

Foundations - 7 one-hour sessions to build our personal spiritual practices to connect with God and community.

3• Expand

Once we have the basics of beliefs and practices, it is time to start expanding our knowledge and practice, like teenagers. Study groups at this level focus on particular topics and go deeper in discussions and practice.

Groups can form at any time and focus on any topic. Please work with our pastor to select topics and schedule groups.

Regularly Offered Groups:

Making Sense of the Bible - offered in winter

Evening Study Group - Wednesdays 7 pm Zoom, year-round, bible study and some topical series

Serendipity Bible Circle - 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 9:30 am, bible study

Methodist Boot Camp - 3-hour session to discuss the beliefs, traditions and projects of the United Methodist Church. Required for leaders, offered annually.

Topics Scheduled as Requested:

Animate Series - Conversations on Faith, Bible & Practices. 7 sessions each with video and study guides.

That the World May Know - Historical & Archeological trips in Middle East. 4-7 sessions each with video.


4 • Reach

Believers who are spiritually mature are like physical adults - they take charge of their own learning process and take responsibility for supporting and encouraging other learners.

Opportunities at this level offer in-depth spiritual experiences and study, usually with a significant commitment of time and study.

Annual Spiritual Retreat - held at Bridges Church

Leadership Institute at Church of the Resurrection in Kansa City, KS - late September, online and in-person options

Walk to Emmaus - Thursday evening to Sunday evening retreat. Contact pastor for information.

Stewardship Retreat - sponsored by Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation at Pine Lake Bible Camp, Westfield WI in August

Study Options: Disciple Bible Study or Companions in Christ.


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