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Sermon Archive

Soul Time

Lent 2022 - March-April

Let's take a break and check in with our souls. We will use some traditional spiritual practices to build our souls as we prepare for the celebrations of Easter.

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Jesus: Live & In The Flesh

December 2021

Scripture: Micah 5, Isaiah 9, Luke 2, Matthew 1

Jesus is live and in the flesh for us today. What does this mean? What is the whole "Jesus is God, Jesus is Human" thing about? We will look at who Jesus was and is today, and what Jesus' life tells us about God and our relationship with God.

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November 14, 2021

Scripture: Psalm 13

How does Christianity and the Bible deal with the issue of suicide? What can we do to help people struggling with suicidal thoughts? This sermon addresses the Methodist understanding of how to support people who have lost loved one to death by suicide, and ways to reach out to people with suicidal thoughts.

Click here for a Family Discussion Guide for helping people feeling despair and depression. Good for families as well as friends and co-workers.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255.


September 2021

Scripture: Book of Proverbs

Ways to deal with uncertainty and anxiety in difficult times by turning to God's promises of peace and grace. Each week we will look at one line of the Serenity Prayer.

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Let Justice Roll

Spring 2021

Books of the Prophets - Old Testament Read-Through

How did the prophets call us to lives of justice for our community?

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2021: A Year of Rebuilding

January - February 2021

Scripture: Ezra & Nehemiah

As we prepare to emerge from isolation and distancing, what do we need to rebuild in our lives? We continue reading through the Bible and look at how Israel rebuilt with Ezra & Nehemiah. 

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Ancient Stories

September - December 2020

Old Testament Read-Through - Genesis-Monarchy

We are reading through the Bible starting in September, and we start with the ancient stories of the Hebrew Bible.

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Embedded to Serve

How does the church do missions effectively and with dignity for all people? See how to help without hurting in this sermon series. May - July 2020

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Thinking & Faith

January - February 2022

Where does our faith life intersect with our thinking life? What barriers do we have to spirituality - science, money, suffering. Let's take a look at some of the tough connection between our minds and our spirits.

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Grief During Holidays

November 21, 2021

Scripture: Romans 8 & Philippians 2

The holidays are coming. Many people are excited to see people and eat special meals together. Sometimes the holidays are tough, when we have lost loved ones during the year, or times have been difficult. Where is God in our grief? How can we support others grieving at this time of year? 

Click here for ideas on things to say, and things to not say, as we help the people around us.

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October-November 2021

Scripture: The Gospel of John

What do we learn about Jesus in the last gospel? Jesus as Light & Life; Jesus & Women in Leadership; Following the Way of Jesus; Grounding our Life in Jesus.

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Unhurried Spirit

Summer 2021

New Testament Read-Through

How can we slow down and connect with God during a busy summer? Connect with Jesus and Paul and the early church as we read through the New Testament.

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God is Holding Your Life

Lent 2021

The Psalms

God is always with us and holding our lives in their hands. Explore the Psalms and ways believers have turned to God in tough times.

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Easter & Holy Week 2021

April 2020

Remove your dirty bandages and embrace the joy and freedom God offers in resurrection and new life.

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The Words of Life : The Ten Commandments

Are the Ten Commandments a list of 'don'ts' or a way of life? Explore how we can live into the commandments in a fresh way. July - Sep 2020



Suicide Prevention
Grief Support
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