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Pastor Anna-Lisa Hunter


"I'm at Bridges Church because I want to be part of a flexible and creative faith community."

Denise M.


"My faith is a journey full of varied terrain - peaks, valleys, obstacles, and celebrations.  It's great to be with people who value spiritual growth, genuinely care and welcome any question, thought or idea."

Bill P.


"I love our church downtown, especially the manageability and versatility of our building. I appreciate and love each and every member in it. We are all disciples in Christ. Amen.”

Bobbi R.


"For most of my career, I worked in clinical mental health. Twenty years ago, I retired and purchased a farm where I raised my grandson and many hundreds of sheep over the years. Recently, I retired again to become a sheep and follow the good shepherd wherever I was led. I am grateful it was to Bridges Church where I find open ground to learn and serve in the Lord's way. It was the years working sheep that has helped me know how to act like one."

Sandy H.


" "

A. B. C.


"I joined Wesley Methodist church (now named Bridges) in 1956, at the age of 29 and turned 93 on 13th November 2020. I was a teacher of Health and Exercise Science for 38 years.  "

Jane P.


"Having been raised in the church and a member of many different congregations over the years, I see Bridges as the fresh face of the message of Jesus for the world. The two great commandments of “Love God” and “Love your neighbor” are our guiding forces for good.”

Pam B.


"I came to Bridges a few years ago in hopes of finding a church that was welcoming and I definitely found that at Bridges. I have evolved as a Christian and better understand how my life is connected to God. I am blessed with good friends, a church that accepts me where I am at, and where I can be a key person in helping the growth of Bridges."

A Place for You


What's your story?

Where is your spiritual journey taking you?

Come help us build bridges to God and community and share your story here.

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The Stumpners: Adam, Emily,

Miles, Jensen


"We don't like Bridges, we love Bridges.  The people are amazing and so friendly.  If you need anything, they are there to help you out.  Adam works maintenance at an apartment complex and Emily works at Clason in service.  Miles is in kindergarten and Jensen is in daycare.  We like fishing and being outdoors as well as enjoy firepits. Before COVID we spent a lot of time at the YMCA where Miles was in martial arts.  With COVID we have a lot more firepits, regular walks and family fun in the backyard 😊. We can’t forget two very important members of our family and they are our beloved dogs; Bubba and Senna."

Eileen G.


"After 45 years in my medical career in Chicago, I moved to Wisconsin and joined Bobbi’s family on their farm.  I became gran to her young son, and we raised sheep together for many years.  After these years of one adventure after another, I moved to La Crosse with my new family for what I hope is a ‘real’ retirement, doing my jigsaw puzzles, reading about my wide array of interests, and catching up on movies and programs I missed while spending years in the sheep barn!  My most beloved thing to do, in addition to being at home and with my family, is to read Scripture every day, talk about it in Bible study, and share it where the Lord points me.  Bridges is a nice church where I’ve met some very nice people who want to get close to God, learn about his Word, and share it while making disciples of others.”

A Place for You


What's your story?

Where is your spiritual journey taking you?

Come help us build bridges to God and community and share your story here.

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