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Care Team Supports You!

Shirley Sachs and Sandy Hellwig are organizing our new Care Team ministry to provide support to the people of Bridges Church. The Care Team will be checking in with members occasionally to stay connected and provide any care needed: meals, visits, prayers and more.

Prayer Requests: Any prayer requests that come through our church text number go immediately to the Care Team for prayer and follow-up care.

Visits: The Care Team and pastor will work together to provide visits for hospital stays and prayer before outpatient procedures. The Team will also make home visits upon request.

Unique Needs: Need something besides prayer and visits? The Care Team can provide for other needs and requests in many cases. Contact them for your specific needs and we will see how we can encourage and support each other when we need help.

Text PRAY to 608-406-3855 for prayer & care requests.

Call Pastor Anna-Lisa at 608-799-4547.

Leaders: Shirley Sachs, Sandy Hellwig


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