Leadership Team

The Leadership Team implements our church's vision and mission and sets goals to make it happen. The Team has the responsibility for the healthy governance of our church. 

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2020 Charge Conference

Every year we gather to celebrate the ministry of our church and approve items for the next year. 

November 8 @ 4 pm Zoom 

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Our SERVE Team organizes our ministry of service to our neighbors. We focus on two areas of service: justice & mercy. For justice, we work with local partners to reduce injustice based on race and sexual and gender identity. For mercy, we make micro-loans to low-income people so they can build financial stability in their lives and communities.



Our SHARE Team organizes our ministries to share God's grace with our neighbors. The Hospitality Team makes sure every person is welcome in our faith community. The Outreach Teams meets new people to let them know God is at work in our community.