Online Worship

We offer in person and online live worship through YouTube. Watch our here or on our YouTube channel: Bridges Church La Crosse.

9:30 am Sundays

YouTube Live available at 9:20 am


We welcome a variety of people - those who are spiritually curious as well as those with deep religious commitment. We enjoy the companionship of toddlers as well as 90-somethings. By bringing our real selves together in community, we believe God joins us and we can grow and heal together.

Through community worship and individual prayer we can connect with God and others seeking sacred spaces in their lives to make a difference in our world.


We are a small church, currently worshipping between 17-23 people on a Sunday morning. We welcome visitors every week, and new people become regulars every year. 

Are you creative? You have an opportunity to help design our worship. Are you musical? You have an opportunity to share your music during worship. 



Current Series

We may be separated by a pandemic, but we are together in the text. Starting September 1, 2020, we will read through the Bible together in one year. Every Sunday Worship will cover a week's worth of our reading, and our Evening Study Group will talk through the readings. Start at any time! Join us, and watch previous videos if you missed a reading. The rest of our lives may be uncertain, but we have a plan at church to know God's Story better. Click for Reading Plan.

Upcoming Series


     We read through the New Testament, and hear Jesus' call for spending time with our God - who isn't bothered by busy schedules. Relax and spend time in God's presence.

Past Series

Check our YouTube channel for completed series here

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Check out a playlist of songs we have used in Sunday worship!

We are still a growing church, and we do not have regular musicians .... yet! Come and lead music for our worship together. In the meantime, we are sharing videos (with proper licenses...) to keep the Spirit moving. Photo: Chauncy Turner performing for Bridges Unplugged on June 12, 2021.

Bridges Church La Crosse Playlist on Spotify