We welcome a variety of people - those who are spiritually curious as well as those with deep religious commitment. We enjoy the companionship of toddlers as well as 90-somethings. By bringing our real selves together in community, we believe God joins us and we can grow and heal together.

Through community worship and individual prayer we can connect with God and others seeking sacred spaces in their lives to make a difference in our world.


We are a small church, currently worshipping between 15-20 people on a Sunday morning. We welcome visitors every week, and new people become regulars every year. 

Are you creative? You have an opportunity to help design our worship. Are you musical? You have an opportunity to share your music during worship. 

Every month or two we concentrate on one topic as a spiritual community. A section of the Bible, spiritual practices, a person or topic. Something relevant to our lives today.


Upcoming Series

Rehab :: Restoring Our Souls :: March - April

EMBEDDED in Service :: April - May

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The United Methodist Church
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