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God calls us to "do justice" in Micah 6:8, and we are trying to build a justice ministry in our church. We know we have neighbors who are marginalized in La Crosse County, so we have selected race & identity justice to be our primary focus. 

We are a new church, so we are in the process of building up our justice ministry. Come grow with us! We are building relationships with people working on justice issues with marginalized people in La Crosse, especially people of color and the LGBTQ community. We are community sponsors of The 7 Rivers LGBTQ Center and sponsors of the La Crosse Waking Up White Collaborative. We want to do more! We have monthly Justice Night trainings so we can grow as allies and advocates for our neighbors.

While our church has one justice focus, we encourage every person involved at Bridges Church to find the justice calling that God has placed on their hearts personally. We have people who work to expand voter participation, advocate for climate justice, work with people in prisons. What is the passion God has given you?



God also calls us to live with mercy in Micah 6:8, and during Covid it is hard to serve our neighbor safely. Our church has found a way for all of our people to work with low-income people through micro-loans at Low-income people around the world work with nonprofits to develop business and personal financial plans. Their projects are posted at, and funders can provide loans to make the plans happen. 

Everyone in our congregation, from our little kids to our elders, was able to pick loans this summer. We have an impressive portfolio of $1000 in loans, with new loans going out as loans are repaid. 

Individuals are encouraged to set up their own accounts to make more loans. Join the Bridges Church Team at Kiva and help us work with low-income people to improve their lives and communities.

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Join our Serve Team and continue our loan program for people locally and globally. 

Open a personal account at Kiva to loan.


Attend local events to learn about local justice issues and advocate for change.

Help organize our monthly Justice Nights so our church can be an ally and advocate in La Crosse County.


The United Methodist Church has two agencies working on justice issues in the US and globally. Work with our world-wide Methodist community for change.

Board of Church & Society

General Commission on Religion & Race


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We raised $1243 on Giving Tuesday 2020 to contribute to the Black Empowerment Fund for La Crosse. Thanks to our many donors that help support Black empowerment programs in our community!


On December 10 & 11 we gathered at our local hospitals to pray for the medical staff that is caring for our community during this time of pandemic. About 25 people gathered at Gundersen and about 40 gathered at Mayo. Thanks to everyone who helped us support our local caregivers!