We are a small church. We worship 10-20 people on a Sunday morning, and about 30 people are involved in one way or another.

Sunday Mornings

We are focused on prayer and learning, so Sundays we gather to pray and study the Bible together. We offer communion every week. Maybe we aren't a 'regular worship' service, but we are a chance to grow with God and community.

Bible & Open Minds

We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. We like to read the scriptures with an open mind and let the Holy Spirit offer us new beginnings and new insights.

Coffee & Food

Coffee is good. So are tea and hot cocoa. We offer free coffee and beverages every Sunday morning. Plus granola bars and gummy fruits for grumbly tummies. We believe hospitality is a way to build community and serve God and others.

Fun & Play

Our God is a creative guy - platypus, anyone? So we want church to be fun and interesting. We try to avoid boring church. Please let us know when we fail!

Kids & Families

Kids are great. And noisy, and messy, and they move around. No problems. We have kid-friendly areas in our space. We are close to Cameron Park, so we plan to have outdoor activities in the summer.

Equal Rights & Inclusion

We believe each person is created in the image of God. We love, we serve, we learn, no matter what we look like. We offer equal rights to all people, including the opportunity to get married or to serve as a pastor or leader.

LGBT+ & Methodists

We believe God offers an equal place at the table for all people, regardless of orientation or identity. Couples can love and be married here. Queer leaders who feel called by the Spirit can lead and preach here. We are inclusive today and working to change the United Methodist Church.

What to Wear

This is comfortable church. Wear what makes you comfortable - well, maybe not pajamas... No need to dress up. Casual is great.

Giant Bubbles

Why not?

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