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About Us

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Every day is a new chance to grow spiritually. We meet in small groups to pray, study the Bible, talk about faith issues, serve our community and lead our congregation.  Most importantly, we encourage and support each other through personal relationships. Church isn't just a big group on Sunday mornings, but community connections through the week.

We believe we grow through generosity. We don't just talk about following the teachings of Jesus, we put our money where our mouth is. The first 20% of our income is given to projects that serve people outside our congregation: we generously support local, state, national and international programs.



Our church started along the river in downtown La Crosse in 1853. Our town was pretty rowdy in the riverboat days, and we wanted to gather to connect with God and teach our children. Over the years, the church has grown and served many generations of spiritually active people.

We have helped launch other churches in our community over the years, such as West Avenue Methodist and Asbury Methodist.

In 2018, we saw that the needs and interests of our community had changed, and we decided to close Wesley United Methodist Church. We celebrated the generations of its ministry on July 1, 2018.

Then we started building a new church, inspired by the bridges of our beautiful city. Bridges United Methodist Church is a simple and inclusive community for growing spiritually. We are excited to make a difference in lives through serving our community and creating a vibrant and creative spiritual space for people of all ages. We moved to our new location on 4th Street - just one block up from our first location! - in early 2020, and expanded our ministry online during the pandemic.


Micah 6:8
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