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Our People

I love La Crosse. I've lived in eight states but came back to Wisconsin in 2010 because I loved the weather, the people, and the landscape. Being a pastor is my fifth or sixth career, depending on how you count the phases of my life. I felt called to serve God and the church in a new way by becoming a Methodist pastor in 2015 and applying my skills and experience to serving God and my neighbor.

Pastor Anna-Lisa Hunter

We weren't meant to simply hear a message and move on; the sermon was meant to inspire us to live out what we heard and act. The people at Bridges understands this; They actively work to bridge God and community in their everyday life by loving justice, including the excluded, and serving La Crosse.

Emma Jean, Member

Having been raised in the church and a member of many different congregations over the years, I see Bridges as the fresh face of the message of Jesus for the world. The two great commandments of “Love God” and “Love your neighbor” are our guiding forces for good.

Jane, Care Team

I joined Wesley Methodist church (now named Bridges) in 1956, at the age of  29 and now I just turned 94 in November of  2021. 

A.B. Culver, Member

Everybody was so lovely the first time we came in. We've been looking for a church that feels intimate and friendly and shares our values.

Brooke, Member

I love our downtown church, especially the manageability and versatility of our building. I appreciate and love each and every member in it. We are all disciples in Christ. Amen.

Bill, Facility Manager
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