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What does it mean to be a member at Bridges Church?

Great question! Membership is a way to show your commitment to our faith community and grow in your faith. Members participate in our activities and support other people in their spiritual journeys.

We invite anyone who is spiritually curious to come and participate in our faith community. No membership is required at any time!

If you decide to become a regular participant, we have two levels of membership: Member & Professing Member. Check below for more information.

We renew our membership vows every year, and accept new members at any time. We hope you get involved and find ways to grow. 




I understand that …

I am welcome to participate,

as much as I want,

in the ministries and activities

at Bridges United Methodist Church.

I am encouraged to grow in the spiritual practices of Bridges Church: serve, give, pray, learn and share.

This includes

  • receiving holy communion & baptism

  • weddings & funerals

  • receiving pastoral care

  • and claiming Bridges as ‘my church.’

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Bridges United Methodist Church

encourages people to make a greater commitment to God and community, through a professing membership with additional responsibilities.


If I choose to become a professing member of Bridges United Methodist Church:

  • I will commit to support other people as they grow spiritually through the ministries of Bridges Church and the UMC.

  • I will commit to the spiritual practices of Bridges Church through prayer, learning, service, giving and sharing.

  • I will be baptized and profess my faith.

  • I may vote at charge conferences and may serve the church on the Leadership Team.

Expectations to grow into Spiritual Practices:

PRAY: Attend worship every week in person or online.

LEARN: Join a study group.

SERVE: Volunteer for our church and in our community every month.

GIVE: Tithe 10% of your income or grow toward the tithe.

SHARE: Share your faith story with others and invite them to participate.