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Share Your Faith


Each of us has a unique spiritual story. Those moments when God peeks through into our life. Moments when someone reaches out to us and changes our life.

What is your story? Who do you share it with? When do you talk about our church's projects? Jesus calls us to go and make disciples - meaning to go and share the grace and love God gave us with lonely and hurting people.



Our first area of our Share spiritual practice is to give hospitality to the people who come to our church.

We greet people and offer drinks and snacks. We love when we offer Brunch Church, with a potluck during worship!

God calls us to reach out to the stranger and make them welcome - whether they are a weekend visitor in town for a convention or a new resident who has moved into the neighborhood.

We have special gifts for first time guests - coffee mugs or screwdrivers with multiple tips. Come and visit and pick up your gift today!


Our second area for the Share spiritual practice is outreach to neighbors. We want to meet people and get to know them. As we interact at fairs and events and parks, we look for opportunities to invite people to join projects at Bridges that fit their interests and expressed needs.

We want to an active and relevant neighbor in our community, so we help with tree-trimming and parades, Halloween and giant bubbles.



Every month we share our gratitude with our hard-working neighbors who make a difference in our community. Usually we pack brown paper goody bags along with a card that says, "Just for You, Just Because - Thanks for all you do for our community."

Sometimes we do something special, like giving free flowers on Mother's Day or frozen ice pops during a parade.

We want to live lives of gratitude and generosity. This is our way of showing we care in a way that lets everyone at church - from ages 2-92 - get involved packing the bags.



Community events are a great way to meet new people. We try to have at least one community event every month. Here are some events from the past year:

January: Family Board Games during Winter Days

April: Earth Day

May: Memorial Day Parade with ice pops

June: Juneteenth

September: Pride in the Park

October: Spooky House

December: Christmas Creations, Waking Up White Conference, Burns Park Tree Trimming


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