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Ghosts Spooky 2021.6.jpg

Spooky House

Trick or Treat Fun for All!

Spooky House is a fun activity for people who love silliness and creativity in our community.

Free for everyone!

Part of the Downtown Mainstreet Trick or Treat event every year.

October 30, 2021

11 am - 2 pm

Each child can pick a piece of candy from the Pirate's Treasure Chest.

Get your picture taken with the Bones Family at their Halloween Dining Table!

Do you like Spooky House? Help us plan Spooky House 2022! Sponsor a room or help design and build our next Spooky House.

Spooky House in a church? Yes!

Halloween started as All Hallow's Eve, the night before All Saint's day on November 1. Halloween was about death and scary things, and we remembered how God overcame death so we don't have to be scared.


Now we celebrate the silliness of Halloween because we have the joy of God in our lives.

Lab Bench Spooky 2021.5.jpg

Mad Science Lab

Pirate Chest Spooky 2021.3.jpg

Pirate Den Treasure Chest

Spiders Spooky 2021.9.jpg

Spider Nest

Bruno Dog Spooky 2021.12.jpg

Bruno the Skeleton Dog

Spooky Glow Room 2021.1.jpg

Spooky Glow Room

Potter Candles Spooky 2021.2.jpg

Floating Candles

Dining Chair 2021.11.jpg

Bones Family Dining Room

Dancing Ghosts Spooky 2021.8.jpg

Dancing Ghosts

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