Build relationships. Build community. Build knowledge. Build experience.


Jesus gathered people together, they lived and laughed together, ate and studied together, prayed and lived life together. 

We believe that our spiritual life is a journey, and we are each in a different place. So we offer different topics and formats for our groups, and we offer different levels to help you find the best fit for your current journey. All levels are open to everyone at any time - this is just a tool for helping you make progress.

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Level 1
Checking Out New Stuff

Trying out something new? Want a little taste of something? Level 1 groups are a great way to meet new people and check out new information and see what you are interested in. Open to anyone at anytime.

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First Step

90 Minute Session

By Appointment with Pastor

Want to know more about how we are building bridges to God and community? First Step is a chance to meet with the pastor and get to know the story of Bridges and how you have the opportunity to share your energy and creativity.

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Justice Nights

90 Minute Sessions

4th Tuesdays at 7 pm

Want to grow as an ally and advocate and stand with marginalized neighbors? We learn about justice issues that affect people around us in the areas of race and human sexuality and gender. 

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Level 3
Going Deeper

How about going deeper? Want to read and discuss an entire book of the Bible? Want to dive into a topic of Christian belief, like prayer or how heaven and hell might work? Level 3 groups are an opportunity to explore more of what you want to know and practice.

Serendipity Circle

1st & 3rd Wednesdays @ 10 am​

Bible study with coffee and snacks. Open to anyone interested in working through entire books of the Bible. Current participants are retired women, but diversity is welcome!

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Evening Study Group

Wednesdays @ 7 pm, Zoom Online.

Study a section of the Bible or a topic selected by the group. Starting September 2020 - August 2021: A Year in the Bible.

Reading Schedule here

Methodist Boot Camp

3 Hour Session

Friday Pizza or Saturday Brunch

What are Methodists? What do we do & believe? What have we done in the past? What do we do globally? Includes videos, discussion and snacks ... lots of snacks. Required for people wanting to join Leadership Team. Offered once per year.

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Making Sense of the Bible

Explore how the Bible was put together and why. Then look at how to fit the different parts together as we apply the wisdom of God's story to issues of today. Offered once a year

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Short Term Topics

Pick your topic! Pick your schedule! Find your own resources or use some available at church: Making Sense of the Bible, Revival: History of Methodists in England, Prayer, Moses, Enough: Personal Financial Planning, and more!

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Level 2
Building Core
Knowledge & Experience

Ready for more? Level 2 classes give you the opportunity to build your core knowledge and experience.

Foundations Small.jpg

7 Weeks, 60 Minute Sessions

Go deeper and get more ideas on how to live our five spiritual practices. What does it mean to be a disciple? How do I share my faith? What is prayer, and worship, and how do I make financial decisions that reflect my faith life? Offered once per year.

Building Blocks Small.jpg
Building Blocks

4 Weeks, 60 Minute Sessions

What do we believe about God, the Bible, salvation, the church and spiritual practices? Learn the basics of Christian beliefs and Methodist traditions.

Sunday school Zoom2.heic

Sundays 9-9:20 am

Preschool lesson with Bible reading, songs and activities for kids to build their spiritual life. Videos on our Vimeo channel with password protection. Contact church for password to watch with your kids.

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Level 4
Intensive Study 
& Application

As we move to spiritual maturity, sometimes we want to take a deep dive to challenge ourselves and prepare for helping others on their journeys. Level 4 activities are a great way to push yourself to a new place spiritually and reach out to others along the way.

Intensive Book Study

Dive deep with Celebration of Discipline, Disciple Bible Study or Companions in Christ. Scheduled upon request.

Walk to Emmaus Retreat

4 Day Pilgrimage & Retreat

Experience God's deep love for you. Explore the different layers of grace God offers us. Spring and Fall dates available; contact pastor for more information.

Leadership Institute Small.jpg
Leadership Institute

Last week of September - Kansas City, KS

Church of the Resurrection - Be inspired with amazing worship and dynamic speakers! Learn how to stretch yourself to support others in their spiritual journey and lead a healthy church.