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How we serve our community

At Bridges Church, we want our service to make a difference. We believe that God has the power to transform lives and communities, and that God wants to work with us to make that happen.

We want to show God's love to our neighbors through our service, but we also want to receive God's love from our neighbor as well. We are trying to build relationships - bridges - with people around us.


We are trying to keep it simple and focus on a few relationships and projects, but we encourage everyone at Bridges to find their own service projects that match the passion God has placed on their hearts.

Based on the bible verse from Micah 6:8, we have justice and mercy projects. JUSTICE tries to address systemic problems that affect a lot of people, and MERCY works with individuals to meet personal needs.



 HOPE RESTORES, The 7 Rivers LGBTQ Center and Hamiliton School

Jesus calls us to help our neighbors in need. Bridges Church works with our neighbors to meet the needs they identify for themselves by partnering with local groups such as Hope Restores.

We collect many item for all of our community partners. 




Bridges Church has a team on where we fund loans for people in Wisconsin and around the world working towards financial sustainability. WWBIC has a local office that helps people develop financial stability through business plan development and loan funding, and offers loans through the website.

Our members take turns choosing loan recipients, and we watch as they succeed in completing their development projects and repaying their loans. Individuals can set up their own loan accounts as well and join the Bridges Church Team. 



Social Justice

We work with two local nonprofits to advance justice issues in our local community: the Waking Up White Multi-Cultural Diversity project and the 7 Rivers LGBTQ Center. 

We attend PrideFest, and offer spiritual support to our LGBTQ neighbors who have often been rejected by other faith communities.

We were a sponsor for the December 2021 White Privilege Symposium, and gave $2000 to buy books for the Regional Read of "Waking Up White" by Debbie Irving.  We are currently working on a bible study with The Center rearding sexuality and the bible

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