Bridging God & Community

Spiritual Growth for All

Are you spiritually curious? Are you a long-time follower of Jesus? Or somewhere in-between? Bridges United Methodist Church welcomes everyone who wants to cultivate a spiritual space in their lives. We believe God welcomes every person just as they are, so we are building a faith community where everyone can be themselves.


Inspired by the bridges of our beautiful city, we are building bridges to connect people to God and community through love and justice. We don't care what you wear, or where you've been. We welcome hunters and vegans, Republicans and Democrats, Packers and Vikings fans, straight and LGBTQ, young and old. We believe there is a place for everyone at God's Table.


Today we are building a new church using resources from a church started in La Crosse in 1853. We welcome people who are creative and curious to help us build a new spiritual community in downtown La Crosse. As a growing church, we offer prayer and bible study for adults and kids to build relationships and deepen your spiritual experience.

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Kids bring new joy and energy to families. Parents bring commitment and care. We try to provide opportunities for both kids and families to grow spiritually.

Make a Difference

Jesus calls us to follow as well as believe. We want to make a difference in lives and communities with our service to God and neighbor.




We don't care about labels, but we do care about people. All people are children of God and welcome equally at Bridges.